But what if ‘they’ are wrong… ?


what if Jeff (www.alifewithoutacentre.com) Foster is right?

All this ‘letting go’ stuff,

Carlo Shapley used to say… “Take it to the farthest point, … we can’t create a vacuum”,
meaning the moment a space is created… something else will come in.

They said that I am oversensitive and that I think too much.
I say that I am hypersensitive and that I am not afraid of thought.

Know Thyself,
“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”,
this is the love affair that Oscar Wilde described.

Know your own mind. Use it! It is a great tool.
Own your own thoughts, look at how thought effects the feeling world
and reverse, the feelings effect the thoughts. Integrate. Accept. It is a treacherous path, chasm below, storm above, but it is you, it is me, facing ourselves fiercely tirelessly. Fully exposing oneself to the soul-self, what is there to be afraid of? The shadow self, the ego? Confess and forgive. Balancing constantly, ever closer to centre.
We are one.

In that space in-between the thoughts and the feeling, there is the bliss, the breath, the universal;
there lies the creativity, the detonator, the knowing.

My mind grows, it develops, after investigating various routes,
I am familiar with the numerous avenues; I can see the dead ends
and I can watch the periphery information coming in for construction
of the next layer.

My feelings can rise and fall like waves in the grand ocean of being.
🙂 lol

I know what needs to be done next.

Knowing, intuitively, trusting, faith… it needs no reason.

I have have studied under Masters, Directors, Doctors, Designers,
Wise Women and Elders,

I have been taught well.
Words have been few.


“Between ‘what was’ and ‘what will be’,
there is a vast space called Now.
It is your true home.”
– Jeff Foster