It’s all in the preparation. The preparation, IS the now vibration. Be cool, be calm, be happy. Those moments may be fleeting – at first. “It’s all gone wrong” may be well… Continue reading

Tides are High

  Crazy times these, when tides are high & the moon visible by daylight. I am reminded that I am Stardust, I am water. Staying in tune with myself becomes, at the same… Continue reading

My Inner Knower…. tells me it is time….

to say… hi, high, higher 🙂 to my beloved WP family… just to let you know from the outside… that you are always with me, near or far… i’ve been away for a… Continue reading

PatchFest2017 – “we-av-a-laugh” & hugs


Just words.

Let the words come, let the light in let the birds sing, today, is a good day, it is a precious day, it is my day, and, it is your day. today is… Continue reading

Am I dead?!

  I must be dead … this feeling of calm! I must be dead, don’t sound the alarm!   the waves, the flow, the endless release, blessing the passion, feeling the peace!   Am… Continue reading

No time like the right time ;)

When all is quiet and I can hear myself think, I drop the shit and aim for succinct. I look straight ahead and face the sun, I rest at peace knowing all will… Continue reading

Simon Cauty – see you next time.

  Simon Cauty, friend i adore, departing the physical, gives so much more, chose his death date devine and law. Patient man, so swiftly gone, lift your voices, he travels to song, his time to… Continue reading

What are you Thinking?

  What are you thinking? My friend, in-tend Time for the holey self to give and to bend? The inner tension can be embraced and know The more we fear not the more… Continue reading

The Answering Machine

“Hey, you got me, but you didn’t really get me. Leave a message at the beep.” You can get back home through the telephone wires. From city to suburb, follow the skinny black… Continue reading

Dark Awakening

no need to be blind when it’s too dark to see it’s not about denial, it’s about you, and me.   stay in the moment hold ur thoughts there, follow the breath no… Continue reading

Let Mercury Be Marbled

Let Mercury be marbled Let Venus be virtued Let Earth be your emerald And brighten all that is you Let Mars be your moon Let Jupiter be your jewel Let Saturn come a… Continue reading

What to do?

What to do… When it’s all gone wrong, when you feel to sing, but there ain’t no song?   What to do, when they just can’t hear you’ve spelt it out, but the… Continue reading

The Aye of the Tiger

My words are my poison, reaching for soul, Breathing intuition, the heart is the goal. The centre the being, the bringing to self, Constantly calling to internal wealth. There is no sorrow, no… Continue reading

Full Moon again?! ARggh! :)

  These times, when we start to sink, negative realms, are on the brink.   And no matter, how hard we try, they fluctuate and try to fry.   Fear not at all,… Continue reading

They want me to tell you,

that the world is shit, they want me to keep, regurgitating it.   But it’s not what I see, think, hear or do. My world is shiny, I only share with a few.… Continue reading

The Sword

… is the shield, it is the power, that I wield. The power, the word, to speak, to be heard. To demonstrate my strength, abbrieved, not a length. It is an extension, you see,… Continue reading


out of the chaos, the jungle beautiful things start to appear things never before seen it wraps around us protecting, like a cushion, softening enhancing, writhing, vibing giving, caring, repairing each layer a… Continue reading

Inane starts to prepare….

  When the breeze is still, but there are people everywhere, should be chaos but it just hangs in the air.   Everybody is running but there’s nothing to do, the people are yearning,… Continue reading

higher & deeper, we rise….

I’m sure it was there, somewhere, in the past, you know that place, long it seemed to last, that hole was the gap, between you and me, i gave up ‘shocking’ and set… Continue reading

Funny ol’ place this, Brighton U.K. in pictures (never a dull moment).


30 days in Brighton, U.K. in pictures (my beautiful world).

PRESS PLAY!              

Star-ting to re member

  all those tiny little bits of my past child that used to run and stretch and play and dance with the trees and the grass, the sky and the clouds, those creaking… Continue reading

Star-ting to live.

  … Re new. Re member. Like the embers of the flame of the Phoenix. Rising again. Re fresh. Re energise. Rise, as one, with all things, entwine, embrace. Like a new morning,… Continue reading

An I for An I 

this isn’t about violence or vendetta. this is about us seeing eachother.  This is Namaste. I see you seeing me seeing you.  As you sow, so you must reap. An eye for an… Continue reading

Tuesday musings

purrfect 🙂

‘Joy’ – in a bottle :)

  is there a pill that they make to heal ‘lonely’ apparently there is… is it that one there on that bottle marked lonely? next to the ones that say ‘miserable’, ‘lost’ and ‘confused’… Continue reading

follow your heart… it knows

when ur mind is rushing with a million thoughts, options, ideas & possibilities and it seems impossible to know which is the true path. that’s my point. you know. somewhere, deep deep down,… Continue reading

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