why what which how who when where ?! WHATEVER :)


our minds are relentless,
endlessly searching for the answer, the meaning, the understanding
and sometimes… 🙂 things make sense.
but often I find my mind and my feelings, chasing around and about
when i have settled on a possibility and accepted it as fact, just to appease the not knowing, i can fool myself into a temporary relief for a short while at least

what was, what is, what will be, is magical, miraculous, it comes out of the the great knowing, a place that we are part of, it belongs to us and us to it, the ‘two’ are inseparable, we are one! the beating of our own hearts, constant, effortless, universal, the life force itself

the mind, the ego, constantly searching, seeking is incapable of grasping that which truly is
it is only when the mind lulls and the feelings temporarily quelled that we have any chance of sitting within a space that i like to call peace
the last breath has already become past, the next is as yet unexperienced, this breath, this movement is all that can truly be named certainty
i have loved and lost and will love again, but in this moment my heart is full 🙂 there is no doubt because in it, i am sure, committed to the compassion
it is the soul that witnesses, silently watching all from within
it is the soul that is everloving, compassionate, relentless
it knows nothing of false love or lust or attachment or suffering
these are the realm of matter, it’s not real and it doesn’t matter!
this is freedom.