“Garbage Warrior” at Cafe Cairo

… and the point was… yep! this is the reason i went, yep, little miss stay-at-home, finally said yes 🙂 and this movie is the reason why… because sometimes, something catches your attention… Continue reading

Cafe Cairo

Oh wow… Cafe Cairo.. you know how it is sometimes in life… when the sun shines and someone says… come along…. see you at 7 and you don’t know where you are going… Continue reading

Who doesn’t love pink?

Originally posted on Random things from G:
I normally wouldn’t post a photo like this. But spending weeks in a pretty rural part of Kolwezi DRC has made me quite sensitive to pretty…

Happy Easter, Everyone!!!

Originally posted on Petals Unfolding :
I know I know I am supposed to be out in my gardens. But I ran back inside to wish all of you (again) a very Happy Easter!!…

The Last Throwback Thursday in National Poetry Month

Originally posted on Rachel Carrera, Novelist:
As the title suggests, today is the last Throwback Thursday of National Poetry Month.  This is a good thing, because I am afraid I’ve run out of…

Get off ur Horse… And drink ur Milk!

  “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” in my experience, it doesn’t take much for most of us to drink… it’s the water we seem to… Continue reading

Three Word Wednesday (Wordplay)


Patience v. Panic!

i’ve always known it, since i was a child, something quite delicate, something quite mild an ode to the future it lies far ahead quietly marching approaching like red no need to panic,… Continue reading

Bye-Buy-By the Angels!

The spiral of  life, ever growing, ever learning, ever building, from within. As the lyrics of Bugsy Malone: “We could have been anything that we wanted to be and its not too late… Continue reading

poem- expansion

Originally posted on Shawn L. Bird:
We grow to fill the space we have. Over time, each room fills with things that we could live without but gather like memories. If the deadline…

Who’s looking for EGO?

I am! Having added the tag “EGO”, finder says: “sorry there are no posts on this tag” i mean who’s gonna tag their own blog as EGO… how arrogant/ignoRANT you might say! tried… Continue reading

“Can’t get the stuff”

(A few awkward moments in the life of a Prop Buyer) “Can’t get the stuff”… that’s what he said and I thought it was funny, but he wasn’t joking. “I am not surprised…”… Continue reading

do me a favour….

Originally posted on mylittlebookblog:
best out than in 🙂 mylittlebookblog View original post

Plant your own garden, tend your own soul

It’s storming in paradise and god ain’t stemming the flow. Something’s up behind me and I’m feeling the know. It’s storming in paradise and I can’t quite get succinct. It’s storming in paradise… Continue reading

Getting out alive

Originally posted on Finite Attention Span:
One Friday in May of 2011, I locked up my shared office, went to the pub with some colleagues and students, and said goodbye to my job…

The ducks are flying….

The ducks are flying 4 in a row, The girls are a-rowing 3 in the flow Come on girls Wemen have the strength We’ll explain it all later To the men, at length… Continue reading

We in Glass Houses… Best play softball ;)

So howsit going everybody?! Eggs painted, trails laid out, bunnies iced? Just before we hit the GO button, I’m taking a deep breath 🙂 it’s family time again and I know that it… Continue reading

For the Love of Libraries

Originally posted on Live to Write – Write to Live:
Growing up, our local library was almost a second home to me. Both my parents worked, so in the afternoons my sister and…

No New(s) is Good New(s)

    Does it always have to be EXCITING, all of the time, does it always need to be 300 miles an hour 24/7?! no, sometimes, the best way to get things done… Continue reading

My New Friends.co.uk

So back I went, the swans were a-calling and the ducks; just strolling and snapping (pics). There they were, these great big birds and a girl with the same name as me. “Feed… Continue reading

Well that was fun! What’s Next?

  A walk in the park and a big goose, with pink feet and a pink nose 🙂 She’s very pretty, I called her Esmeralda, coz it appeared to suit her and she didn’t… Continue reading

London: Year of the Horse!

  Neigh 😉 Yes, it is and I can hardly believe it myself! My intention to ‘write’ (er…blog) is a simple and nagging progression of the need to express/discover oneself through any creative… Continue reading

Remind me to tell you!!!

About selling/buying houses in London/Brighton, U.K.

What Is Your Measure Of Success?

Originally posted on The Truth Warrior:
Often times our definition of so called success is unconsciously defined and created for us by the media, our friends, our families, society and the environment that…


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