Why are we still hunting Elephants for – Adrenaline Junkies.

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As the elephant took a mouthful of food the hunter pulled the trigger exploding a bullet…


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As some of you know from my post before this one that in not doing any research, I put a very potent insecticide on my Roses that not…

Music: Benjamin Clementine

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I recently saw Cat Power live as part of the Brighton Festival. She was brilliant, but obviously you don’t need me to tell you that. However, I…

Stuff has begun!

Yep, it’s my fault. I admit it.. well what is a ‘girl’ meant to do when she moves to a new city (and it happens to be Brighton) and every where she goes… Continue reading

Honey Bunches Of Woes

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? Cap’n Crunch is part of Military-industrial cornplex Shredded wheat is, well, shredded Post Toasties are shy But, very modernist. Life should not be simply cereal And taken…

Omega Level Mutants, Executive Function and Life Unfiltered

Because an antidote to the headless chicken senario doesn’t get any better 🙂 “Give yourself extra time, clarify, repeat and ask for clarification and confirmation.”


been a long time coming… a visit to the cavernous Corn Exchange and a Tricky gig both. Loved it. Raw, honest, intense, tricky. More like hanging out in yer mate’s cellar late one… Continue reading

Imagine… “Books are banned, reading is forbidden, literature is outlawed”

Dear God, how do i even begin to describe Saturday night out in brighton? In the beginning came Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” … ‘10,000 books burnt every day, 300,000 every month…until he last page is… Continue reading

Getting ready for the good times @ vinestreetvintagebrighton

Oh yes indeedy 🙂 Bring it on Brighton 🙂 You know how some things just grab you… you know how you walk into a shop one day, completely absent mindedly, with no intention… Continue reading

If I had my life to live all over…

I would laugh more. I wouldn’t be afraid of the bullies, because I would know I could reach beyond them, I would pity them, knowing that I have a swifter route to peace. I… Continue reading

The Importance of Enduring Discomfort for the Sake of Transformation

Hiromi Tango’s bundles

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She weaves together vibrantly coloured materials to create participatory art projects. Designed to evoke emotional responses — and as a means for exploring her own — her works…

Sometimes… the best action is no action,

no re-action, no thoughts, no response, no need. Time… as we all know really, is the great healer. Let them, let them run around doing busy, and wait, just wait patiently, until thoughts… Continue reading

Saved by Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater… because you Light Me Up :)

Saved by the double base 😉 You to me are everything the sweetest strum that I could have heard that evening. Before we start out, please allow me to make my apologies. Michael… Continue reading

A Eulogy to my friend Little John

nope he wasn’t so little, he was large. Large in belief, large with encouragement and massive with support. I couldn’t have done it without you. Be free my friend, you made my heart… Continue reading

i’ve given up talking…

largely… i’ve decided that there are too many people in the world already who need to talk… and i’ve taken up writing instead. i can listen… there are lots of people out there… Continue reading

Unresolved Problems

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Regardless of how fast or far one tries to run from unresolved problems, those problems tend to follow as close as a shadow. Photography/ “Unresolved Problems” 2015©AmyRose (Yes…

Me? Vegan? You’re kidding Right?!

Food, it’s all about food. My father taught me as a child; one of those 70’s kids, back in the day when it was cool to be hip, it was o.k. to go… Continue reading

“Make it Happen”.

This is about learning to speak out. This is about getting your voice heard. This is about getting over the fear, being you and doing what you love, doing what you believe in… Continue reading

When in need of new friends….

call an old one! I don’t know if anyone has come across this sort of love before? But I can tell you that it is one of the best sorts of love 🙂… Continue reading

Women’s Writing Hour

off to see ‘my friend Carol’ today 😉

Fabricating Gender

Off I go… I always knew sewing machines were good for something 😉

Oh my… A 1000 words…

…as often as possible… if i want to be a writer. Seriously?! How many times have I heard it said?! Over and over, first this one and then that… there simply is no… Continue reading

can i bare to book a ticket to see this… can i bear not to?

… oh this Rollercoaster ;)

oh this roller coaster this impostor, this thing we call life life is the joy the freedom the eternal release life is the misty dawn the blackbirds in the trees the little girl… Continue reading

it’s a discovery….

… a self discovery! not a robbery 😉 where to start? where to begin! all past trauma’s worn so thin! this way or that? so much so new each one is yearning for… Continue reading

… comes the light

no time: only love: past present future: follow the devine: trust the ever-present: all things will unfurl perfectly the winged angelic: in-spiraling harmony: the caged: freed: to soar upon a prayer of purity… Continue reading


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Dedicated to Niki. ~~~~~~~ When pushed out of the nest we learn how to fly! MF Photography/ “Fly” 2015©AmyRose

WE ARE stars

  “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

In my element

In my element. oh i love this 🙂

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