Free the Circle

Originally posted on Artful Words:
A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end – and if you put several circles over each other, then you…

Autumn Strolling/Rolling

Conspiracy theorists think this object in the sky ‘heralds the apocalypse’

All You Need To Do To Improve Your Meals is Listen Closely to Your Food

Originally posted on Permacooking:
If you’re a dab hand with audio equipment, this may be worth trying out during a meal or two. Experiments show that you can make your food taste better…

words are my art

people are my paintings energy my soul oneness my goal there is no separation I say it to remember every single day we must laugh and play it’s all in the nano the… Continue reading


  we have to know where we have come from, in order to know where we’re going. there is no time. our past our present our future is one. inextricable. know thy roots.… Continue reading


Originally posted on Hortus Closus:
I long for your arms, They give stillness, oblivion, Lady of Sheol, I wait for the rendezvous, The last trip toward pleasure.

3 Ways Steve Jobs Made His Meetings Extremely Productive

Originally posted on TIME:
American businesses lose an estimated $37 billion a year due to meeting mistakes. Steve Jobs made sure that Apple wasn’t one of those companies. Here are three ways the…


beautiful JacobEmet Nx

A lighter model….

Originally posted on The writer's blogk:
I didn’t die I’ve just upgraded  © Kait King, 2015

i may have been to hell & back, but i’m definitely back

so little time, so much love Nx

Make the world Shine!

delicate pinks, oh so beautiful 🙂

KATE TEMPEST… love is a mission

which way is up?

coz i’m kinda confused this seems to be that and that seems to be this which ever way i turn it’s sealed with a kiss a seal so tight that the rock will… Continue reading

The individual vs. the collective in the Matrix

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:
The individual vs. the collective in the Matrix by Jon Rappoport September 5, 2015 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) In…

it is the how, that is important

it is how we respond how we deal it takes time to assimilate the knowledge to draw together the pieces the fragments of information that we glean from place to place how many… Continue reading

why what which how who when where ?! WHATEVER :)

our minds are relentless, endlessly searching for the answer, the meaning, the understanding and sometimes… 🙂 things make sense. but often I find my mind and my feelings, chasing around and about when… Continue reading

But what if ‘they’ are wrong… ?

what if Jeff ( Foster is right? All this ‘letting go’ stuff, Carlo Shapley used to say… “Take it to the farthest point, … we can’t create a vacuum”, meaning the moment a space… Continue reading

Bimble Bandana Festival

  quiet days after all the sunshine and socialising the dancing and frying the tent poles and hills the horses and stills stories are told connections unfold kindnesses given and received gracefully, gratefully… Continue reading

Let us wander bravely

Originally posted on The Paths of the Spirit:
Magical art by Anthony Citro Let us roam across The untrodden land Lightly like pilgrims With solitude in hand Let us stray from the path…

A New Way

Originally posted on Petals Unfolding :
*Dedicated to myself and my husband.* ~~~~~~~ The only means a New Way is found when old ways no longer apply is diving off into the Great Unknown…

Mytwosentences 112

Originally posted on Mytwosentences:
For far too long, she found herself subdued by the pungent stench of truculence simmering alongside countless seasonings within the broad bouillabaisse of society. Despite the cynics seeing her…


Originally posted on The Renegade Press:
“It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It’s about how much you can take and…

The Magic of Life

even when we cannot see it, it is there 🙂 Trini, you shine 🙂

I’ve been preoccupied…

by these guys…   and this and days like these   and bubbles

you know those movements when…

you recognise those missed moments when you don’t stop and capture the minute. fragmentary decisions that lead us to turn left rather than right. where am I going with all this? street art.… Continue reading

Brighton…. it just keeps giving…

to be continued x

9 Father’s Day Poems That’ll Make You and Your Dad Tear Up -YOUR FAVOURITE POEMS

Originally posted on
    This Sunday is Father’s Day (which means if you haven’t gotten a present yet, you should probably get to it!). Sometimes though, figuring out what…

I am…

utterly responsible for all that i create. It is my choice, where I go, who I see and when. I am an adult, no longer a child, I have sought and learned well.… Continue reading

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