Just words.

Let the words come,

let the light in

let the birds sing,

today, is a good day,

it is a precious day,

it is my day,

and, it is your day.

today is my birthday,

today, i continue to be ancient,

and glorious,

inspired and



is, my day,

to evolve,

a special story,

as yet,


A smokey whisper,

promising gold.


Today is a rich day,

a tapestry kaleidoscope,

smitten with awe.

A revolution.

A revelation.


The world has changed.

Expanding. Again.

the moon is full, the sun is bright,

Oz is sleeping, out’o sight.


The fires are blazing

with balancing leaves.

Phenomenal voices, Rise, intend.

The intention is the course,

that triggers the release,

and perhaps one day, (today)

we can live with peace.


Love to all those whose, wishes bring joy.

together, the masses, the hoi-polloi.


(this is a nod to my friend Pete, whose company i had to look up in order to know

how to spell hoi-polloi 😉 thanks Pete