Am I dead?!



I must be dead

… this feeling of calm!

I must be dead,

don’t sound the alarm!


the waves, the flow,

the endless release,

blessing the passion,

feeling the peace!


Am I dead?


mORe very alive!

A feeling so serene

Impossible to contrive.


How did i do it?

How did I get HERE?

I just kept doing

the things i hold dear.


the things the places

the foods the tasties,

the waves the trees

the things i believes!


You know what i mean

the things that you love

they never desert you

entwined with above.


Focus on thoughts

that bring you to there

follow the feeling,

go on! i dare!


The bliss is simple

open pure and devine

no one to blame

its for you to align


don’t accept any old crap

pushing you this way and pulling you that,

just put on some music

and dance with the dog or cat 🙂