No time like the right time ;)


When all is quiet and I can hear myself think,

I drop the shit and aim for succinct.

I look straight ahead and face the sun,

I rest at peace knowing all will come.


I appreciate the things that make me smile,

I stop and contemplate for a golden while.

The path ahead lights up bright,

all things to see with clear insight.


I trust myself to realign and receive,

all that’s necessary to thrive and believe.

I know that humanity will turn out great,

because at level of soul we all relate.


The kids are wise and they deserve to be heard,

don’t shush them up or teach them absurd.

They are strong and fresh, they know what’s true,

Step up and encourage them… they be, not do.


There’s no confusion when we centre with self,

the healing is vibrational as we call for wealth.

Our feelings are the key, our thoughts the tools,

think out of the box… forget the rules.


Don’t push against, don’t talk unkind,

you may think it’s funny but it’s just a bind.

View all from within as the holy do

no one is perfect, certainly not me or you!


Turn off the screens, stop reading the news,

sing with joy, don’t wobble with the blues.

Focus on thoughts that allow you to feel better,

Write a nice story or script a good letter.


Overcome tricky times with unrelenting relief,

Accept all will work out like an oil by O’Keefe,

flowing and revealing soft with the touch,

come on, we can do it, it don’t take that much.


Just relax and have faith, that the inspiration will come,

we are ALL worthy and we’re here to have fun!