The Aye of the Tiger


My words are my poison,
reaching for soul,
Breathing intuition,
the heart is the goal.

The centre the being,
the bringing to self,
Constantly calling
to internal wealth.

There is no sorrow,
no loss or pain,
And that’s why I’m
returning again & again.

Far on the horizon,
reside the scattered few,
Circling around me,
Embedded and imbue.

The glory the freedom,
the harmony there,
Joyous and enabled,
Life without care!

Harsh it may seem,
to those who know not,
Creative and honest,
I don’t give a jot!

My words are my poison,
they shrink and they dance,
Constantly calling,
Life and entrance.

I stand not alone,
the source is clear,
Meet me at centre,
With those I hold dear.