Full Moon again?! ARggh! :)

All hail "MINTY", Brighton, U.K.!

All hail “MINTY”, Brighton, U.K.!


These times,

when we start to sink,

negative realms,

are on the brink.


And no matter,

how hard we try,

they fluctuate

and try to fry.


Fear not at all,

the sink to self,

it can all be turned,

right back to health.


Grab the stick,

and claw for more,

but first you gotta,

hit the floor.


The second we’re down,

the path is up,

boil the kettle,

fill the cup.


If truth be known,

the way is through,

and if nothing else,

tomorrow’s new!


Hit the decks,

put on the tunes,

D.J.’s got us,

dance the moons 🙂