higher & deeper, we rise….

see snake

I’m sure it was there, somewhere, in the past,

you know that place, long it seemed to last,

that hole was the gap, between you and me,

i gave up ‘shocking’ and set my Self free.


The guards are emplaced,

the spheres unleashed,

practising wholeness,

aligning with peace.


Once it was filled with duty and restraint,

i held myself back to the point of faint.

weak in strength and pressured to core,

desperate for love and the depth of adore.


But all that stopped,

when Grandma Rosa died.

Something released and initiated “PRIDE”.


At first came joy entwined with relief,

then came celebration and the growth of belief.

The separation now so easy to see,

you became you & I became me.


Tears subsided, appeasing of pain,

no longer interested in those that remain.

Their stories continue, long into the past,

but fresh winds blow and away do blast,

the sorrow, the moaning, the when will it end,

truth is shining, fast burning pretend.


Being pulled each way, torn left and right,

shattered into pieces, severing the night.

The light doth flood with the ignited new,

no more explaining… be, don’t do.