follow your heart… it knows


when ur mind is rushing

with a million thoughts, options, ideas & possibilities

and it seems impossible to know which is the true path.

that’s my point.

you know.

somewhere, deep deep down, whilst your brain is rushing this way and that trying to work it all out (write it all down, it helps! get it out of the head and onto the paper).

you know.

ur heart knows, it knows the no’s,

it knows what makes it sing, it knows what it needs, your heart is your true barometer, if you know how to read it right.

and what’s more… you know you know, really!

and as for all this gut stuff? honestly, what does your gut tell you?

I ask you what does your gut tell you?

really how much can we all take before our systems start to shut down and our minds start to bring us down…

to earth,

back to our homes,  back to our true nature?

we are star dust, I jest you not, every molecule in your body exists because somewhere, a long time ago, a star died.

and that’s what we are, little stars, that begin with a burst of light, when the sperm first breaks through the egg’s shell, BOOM.

and that beat begins and it will continue your whole life long, until the heart ceases to pulse, no more to swell & subside. Ask a heart surgeon, or Leonardo Da Vinci! he knew, he’d worked it out… such a beautiful, intelligent organ, that there thing inside all of us, it ain’t just a pump.

I pray, shut out all the other noise & listen to that quiet whisper, that is your heart speaking.