Sydney – SWF and Dymocks awesomeness!

Lynette Noni

Last week I had an epic 36-hour whirlwind trip to Sydney where I was a speaker at Sydney Writers’ Festival and also had a night event at Dymocks devoted to a Medoran Chronicles Q&A. Words quite literally cannot describe just how manic that day-and-a-half was, but I’ll try to paint a picture of all the amazingness that went down.

It all started on the Thursday morning when I woke at a horrific 4:30am in order to get ready and hustle to the airport for an early flight to Sydney. (Random ‘funny’ fact: as we were beginning our descent, the pilot said over the PA not to worry if we started to smell smoke in the cabin. Naturally, we passengers found that somewhat alarming until he added that there were controlled burn-offs happening all around Sydney and the smoke was crazy thick on the ground – which you can even see a little in the…

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