why is it?



that i seem to spend so much of my life, trying to convince people that they are not mad?

and much of the time being told that i am?!


this is really something that i have to got to look at…

because it is without doubt a very large recurring theme in my life!

the second part i have just worked out, it’s not complicated…

it’s projection… which brings me back to my original point


don’t get me wrong…, some people

i really do think… are mad!

but it seems to me that many people are genuinely quite sane…

given the set of their personal circumstances…

it’s just that, they are worried, and i mean seriously worried

that they are mad….

what is with this…?

the sane ones are programmed to think they’re mad and the real lunatics

… well who knows!


ask yourself a few fundamental questions…

what have i got to give? be real with yourself…

it’s no good, going around saying,,, i’m not doing it for the money!

why not?! this is capital system… what?  you just wanna give yourself away

for nothing… there ain’t no sense in that!

who do i want to be? … not interested in that!

can i just be?

in trust




and the answer is yes!

stop with the projecting!… forward, backward, sideways,

happiness, lies in the moment… in the unexpanded second… no need for the wondering, the wandering, the what was and the what if’s… it is an exquisite contentment that seems to lie somewhere between the breaths, waiting for us to reach out and grasp its’ unending vastness… it is found in the stillness, beneath all activity