“Are you on drugs?” & the not so grim Reaper

Ouroboros by Zarathus

Ouroboros by Zarathus

yep… this is how i know it’s Christmas,

instead of people being able to conduct civilised (you know),

backward forward type conversation, my mother….

yes, it’s Christmas…

wants to know if i am on drugs

NO. mother.

I am not on drugs… unless you count coffee and fags,

in which case the answer is Yes,

caffeine and nicotene

hey… it could be worse.

or better… depending on how you view things!

I mean… morphine… that would be quite good,

seems, the world goes all terribly la-la and everything is kinda lovely, no matter what.

cannabis, spliff is good… same sort of thing,

not to mention the healing properties,

all the better legal.

they used to use cocaine for dentistry… good plan 🙂

So nature’s medicinals…

these days i stick to organic honey and lemon 🙂

I know where I am at!

Now to the subject of death and the nature of the cyclical,

it being the end of the year and the season,

it strikes me… that all this Grim Reaper nonsense,

is exactly that, nonsense.

death, it seems, has it’s own entity,

not the one that we’ve been sold please note,

i believe that the true nature of death and passing

is something really rather beautiful, indeed magical,

it is a process,

not something to be afraid of,

something to be cherished, as when a new child is growing in the womb,

the coming of life is as special as the passing of it, a transformance,

as throughout life, periods of evolution, each should be embraced.


drink in the ancient timeless knowing of all things connected

before they began and beyond their passing, it is one, the cycle of lives.