Play Fear Away

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Petals Unfolding

To my great dismay I have been seeing a lot of fear prevalent in too many people.  Those that I speak of in this post are by far not the only ones, for if I wrote regarding all the fear I have witnessed, I’d be writing for a very long time.

One day recently as I sat in a salon, my hairdresser upon hearing I walk at Chestnut Ridge County Park stood there in front of me with a look of utter horror on her face.  She expressed in words how dangerous it is to walk in this park.  She was visibly shaken.

To reassure her, I told her I carried on my person certain items that would enable me to defend myself (And no, not a gun!) and that I had several Martial Arts belts.  The moment my words were free from my mouth, she inhaled deeply and said…

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