Autumn has come…


finally, my crackling fire keeps me company

in the otherwise quiet nights

aside from the gusting wind blowing through the trees

and the odd splash of tyres signifying the rain soaked streets

the occasional door slam of swollen wood upon the rubbed step

and her gentle moan as another log settles.

He brings with him the silence

the tender embrace of a peaceful lover

lulls the people into a pre-Christmas slumber

shopping madness will ensue, but for now all await that last pay cheque.

Hushhhhhh, pssssss, gentle crackles in the orange glow,

like the sun, bursting in the blackness, pop-purr.

The house warm, my fingers tingle as the blood pours back into them.

My stomach rumbles thirsty from the day’s hungry energy drain.


I fold, iron, cut, trim, sew, I’ve long wanted to be able to throw on these jeans with a pair of stilettos


turn to the left, it’s a bit like going West or facing the sun and letting the shadow fall behind you

I am her sunshine, her only sunshine, I make her happy when skies are grey… my Grandma, always x