which way is up?


coz i’m kinda confused
this seems to be that and that seems to be this
which ever way i turn
it’s sealed with a kiss

a seal so tight
that the rock will not budge
and i’m really trying hard
not to move or nudge

this great weight
will shift
like the mighty hammer of Thor
human kind cannot lift

ah! there’s the answer, a Lift.
A lift from a friend
or an elevator up.
The rock won’t move
i can fill my cup.

the water tumbles over
the radiance beams
glory to the light
joyful it seems

along the great corridors
the journey my bone
no matter whom i sit with
each to their own

we all have a story
we all have a fable
and it’s time for me not to worry
who sits at my table.

the laugh is on god
who cares not what we think
it’s the heart that creates
that invisible link

the path is dark
deep deep down
and yet still more
we need not frown

no matter which way we squirm
wriggling this an’ that
it’s all gonna end in
tit for tat

unless we start dreaming
a whole now way to be
we’re gonna run outa time
need to set ourselves free.

the burden is great
the blessings seem few
but the gold is within us
and the lead’s turned blue.

fan the flames
take it to the top
need not stop

until it is ready
until it is done
breathe in the moment
and have more fun 🙂

take the self lightly
vision’s on it’s way
without wings angels fly
and they are here to stay 😉