you know those movements when…

you recognise those missed moments when you don’t stop and capture the minute. fragmentary decisions that lead us to turn left rather than right.
where am I going with all this?
street art. is it my imagination or are there some very talented street artists in L.A.? sorry, that was a flashback….. I mean…Brighton. I am starting to awaken to the what and the who that is going on around me. these people are very talented commercial artists! What an achievement.

Clearly, I have been distracted by so many fantastical events, that I have let slip by me one very significant factor…

do I need to turn around, retrace my steps? nope! it’s too late for that! I gotta carry on… with my eyes… a little more open 🙂

Here check out the dragon… 🙂



oh, and I have this