Stuff has begun!

Yep, it’s my fault. I admit it.. well what is a ‘girl’ meant to do when she moves to a new city (and it happens to be Brighton) and every where she goes there are the most beautiful colourful free magazines to pick up and all of them are telling you about all of the amazing things that are about to happen in town.
Honestly I can’t keep up! There is SO much stuff going on down here!

Officially overwhelmed in Brighton, with: Love, kindness, passion, people.

Singing, dancing, whaling, filming, blogging, photoing, performing, Vintage and I am sure there was more… and there’s more to come!
“She’s on drugs”… well, no, no drugs, no alcohol (well, just one, a cocktail at Hotel du Vin, or two, back to Speigeltent 😉
just pure life, love and ultimate overwhelm.

Not necessarily in any order although following on from the closing weekend at Audio (it’s alright just for refurb) where Creux, Lorca, Breach, Fono and Nick (particularly Nick) played mind bogglingly brilliant sets (I got home at 6a.m.); International Woman’s Day, The Dome Festival, Live at The Grey’s, that Cocktail at Hotel du Vin, Fish at English’s, Glug at The Sallis Benney Theatre (at the College of Arts and Humanities’, University of Brighton) festing, feasting, shopping and chopping! Give me time, I will explain!
Fran, I haven’t told you about Fran Villiani, wow what a lass, part Italian, part Brightonian, this woman can eat and boy does she know her food, check out her mega blog and jeez does she tell it straight. If you ever want to know where to eat… check in with Fran. We’ve got writers and film makers, leather workers, artist’s and furnishing creators coming out of our ears down here and they are all willing to talk, blog, dance, entertain, teach and inspire ceaselessly. Shame about Michael Clark Company (sorry about that) and thank god for Jarvis Cocker 🙂

Thanks to Crush Creative & Agency Rush’s Carl and Helen for screening …


“Exploring the wonderful past, and extraordinary present, of Drako Oho Zahar Zahar.. Toby Amies’ deeply personal account of his relationship with a man who once posed for Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, but can no longer make new memories.”

Thank you to for all things bird, particularly for our old favourite:


for the mugs, the tea towels, the street art, the illustrations,
the sculptures, the owls and the woodpeckers, the books, the making Nike cool, the wall paper, the feathers and just making our world more birdy.


Oh and then Whalefest (love the way they do ads down here! -everything is an art opportunity):


because of this:


to stop all these beautiful creatures dying in captivity


As I understand it, four years ago a small group of very passionate people started Whalefest in Hove Town Hall.

I’ve never seen anything like it. The closest I can come is how I imagine a Star Trek convention, you know absolutely packed to the brim of well, can I say fanatics? Experts, Politicians, Wise Ones dedicated to the cause, oh and mermaids 😉


To the brim… Steve Backshall, Will Travers O.B.E., Mark Simmonds O.B.E., John Hargrove, Martyn Stewart, Caroline Lucas M.P., Ric O’Barry, James Bricknell, Monty Halls, Professor Hal Whitehead, Andy Rogan the list goes on and on, basically if they are alive, they were there and honestly, if they are not.. they were probably there aswell.

It certainly felt like it, the building was filled from 9a.m. with an uplifting charge the like of which I’ve not experienced before, no thrills no spills, just pure positive energy, gifted believers doing what they love… talking about their cetacean friends.
They say watch “The Cove” and “Blackfish”.

(trailer) pretty sure I don’t want to watch the movie 😉

Judy’s Vintage Fair… judy

You know glass, standard lamps, furniture, ceramics, teacups and teacakes… and lots and lots of red lipstick and what are those 50’s rolled hairdo’s, you know the quiffy stylee thingummies.

In fact one of those stalls belonged to Mari Hughes. Now here is a beautiful passionate lady. Her she lives on a hill, full of ponies in Wiltshire, sews all day and eats fry ups – funny sort of strap line that one! When I asked her how she came to be making these beautiful upcycled Scottish Isle jumpers – cut on the bias, she told me that she had studied finance and environmentals, realised the extent of the planetary damage being caused by industrial dying processes and decided to set up a business that addressed those issues.
The result was that I bought one of her jumper/dresses. I just couldn’t resist. I love the warmth of wool and the patterns and colours that are created in the Shetland Isles by the Scots from all those lovely sheep up there. Vivian does it so well but is just so pricey!

Viv. The lady herself.

Viv. The lady herself.

So thank goodness I’ve discovered…

Old jumpers "Sowsear"ed.

Old jumpers “Sowsear”ed.

Simply wonderful 🙂
Just one to start off with, but give me time and I will build up a collection!
It’s one of those things, I have been thinking about for years… ever since I saw a Brick Lane fashion show back in the 90’s, dresses made from men’s shirts! I always regretted not buying one at the time, then I lost the flyer and lost the designers.”Oh” Mari said “You mean Junky Styling?”
“What?” I said “Really?”. She was right…. when I looked online there it all was, 1996 it started and by 2006 “An artful blend of vintage pieces and customising, with a careful eye on the ethics of the fashion world, the Junky Styling look is popular with the likes of Sadie Frost, Gwen Stefani, Russell Brand and Stella McCartney – and you don’t get much cooler than that on Planet Fashion.”

the Daily Mail says it all:

Yep, I was right on it back in those days!
… and perhaps I still am? 😉

Now that I’ve discovered