been a long time coming…


a visit to the cavernous Corn Exchange and a Tricky gig both.

Loved it. Raw, honest, intense, tricky.

More like hanging out in yer mate’s cellar late one night
when he’s got all his muso mates down for a jam.

Correct me if I am wrong, but was there a set list?

If there was, was he changing it as
he sensed the mood of his 1000 strong audience?

Each song of the moment left us
in no uncertain terms as to what he was feeling.

Tech just was not prepared for Tricky’s self made two mic.,
mic. stands & cables entangled live trailing cloak installation
and when the third mic. went down we lost our beautiful
female vocalist too 😦

Shame the festi tech didn’t realise that Tricky wasn’t
gonna be interested in untangling his own cables.


The staunch professional didn’t hold back and poet to the core
he expressed his displeasure by singing “on my own”.
This man, live on stage exposes the truth of humanity’s concealed emotion;
who needs words when sounds can express the feeling
of a human barometer? now that’s an artist.

Pushed into a metaphoric corner by the vast crowd
(and one sightless heckler shouting “sing Tricky, sing”);
we fell lured into his back-turned intimacy, drawn in deeper,
hell, he decides, who needs microphones!
One microphone punishably beating on his pulsing heart
and the other at arms length.
Tricky can certainly perform and he don’t need a sound system.
The resulting dark, deep rolling centre stage protest,
mic’s held at each arm’s length
in a formidable front centre stage desperate christlike plea for “freedom”.

Did he come back on to receive his encore… nope.

I guess these days, one is much safer with Kate Tempest 🙂

But who is Tricky’s bluesy, thrash rock Palestinian baby?
Oh and thank you for Karma Coma, you’re such a crowd pleaser 🙂

Rock on Tricky, you rocked it.