If I had my life to live all over…

%22The Visions of Vespertina%22 by Greg Spalenka Vespertina

The Visions of Vespertina by Greg Spalenka

I would laugh more.
I wouldn’t be afraid of the bullies,
because I would know I could reach beyond them, I would pity them,
knowing that I have a swifter route to peace.
I would avoid all the useless waste of time boyfriends
and lovers because I would know that there is nothing
to be gained by sharing my body with those
that don’t want to share my life fairly with their own.

I would love more.
I would love more the ones that loved me,
the ones that would have given me their lives,
if only I’d been more awake to see it.

I would avoid the drug abusers…
if only I had know that that’s what they were doing!

I would have spent more time chanting for global peace.
I would have painted more colours and learnt pantone numbers,
because there is more benefit to colour than most of us realise!

I would have done a typing course,
because I would have been faster and more confident sooner!
I would have reached out through the internet wider,
because you don’t need to meet people to feel them.

I would have spent more time with my grandfather,
because I didn’t appreciate how much joy I brought to him
and he to me, doing the simple things like buttering bread.

I would have planted more flowers in my garden
and brought the bulbs and seeds with me when I moved.

Funny thing is… that’s pretty much it.
I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do and loved it all.
I have few regrets and I know that certain things, important things,
take time and cannot be rushed.

So thank you life and loves and family and travel and work and friends and festivals and galleries and gardens, you have all been wonderful &
I wouldn’t have missed you for the world 🙂 well perhaps for the world 😉