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Oh yes indeedy 🙂

I've found my new home! ... oh alright I've found a new/old table for my new home smile emoticon

I’ve found my new home! … oh alright I’ve found a new/old table for my new home 🙂

Bring it on Brighton 🙂

You know how some things just grab you… you know how you walk into a shop one day, completely absent mindedly, with no intention in the world to purchase something… ?

And some thing just grabs you?

And you wrestle with it..

coz really, you know… ‘you shouldn’t’

coz really you know, you don’t want to be bitten by the consumer bug

coz really you know, you don’t need it

oh! and there’s no price on it

but anyway… you ask the assistant how much it is…

and you guess and you laugh…

… is any of this sounding familiar?!

shall i carry on?!


and the assistant actually doesn’t know, coz it’s not her piece

and you say “i don’t need anymore tables”

and she says “oh there’s always room for more” 🙂

and she says she will ask the owner and let you know

and you laugh again and guess even more than the last time

and then the owner texts you and it is an agreeable price

and you measure it and you realise that you can’t fit it through the front door!

and then someone says “oh don’t worry about that, the top will come off”

and then you realise that it won’t, without destroying the vintage zinc

and then you drag your clever mate into the shop…

well hey, the shop also happens to make the best vegan cappuccino and lemon and poppy cake 😉 besides

and your mate (who’s a bit handy with stuff) says… “don’t worry I can take your fence down, we’ll get it in”

and you’re thinking ‘this is insane, i don’t need this table’

and you walk away and you forget about it, thinking ‘my chairs are too low’

and then a few days later, you’re wandering somewhere and you see a pair of stools for sale that reminds you of the table

and you think ‘to hell with it’ 😉

and you go and have another look at the table

(and then you go back to the stools and they have gone) 😉

and you walk in to give the table’s owner a deposit

and one of your best friends is there, having coffee

and you laugh and you say “are you stalking me?!” 😉

and you have another cappuccino and another piece of that lemon and poppy seed cake (no… not the hallucinogentic type)


and the shop owner, Sarah, is lovely, and her shop is great


and you should know coz you’ve spent bloody 20 years working with vintage shit, set dressing, running auctions and drinking coffee!

and you know how hard it is to source these items and ship them over and set them all up and create a devine space that draws devine people, talking about devine food and hey! just celebrating life, by the sea.

and yes, it’s true… this is one of those places that the locals go to.. coz if you are ‘just visiting’ and even if… as it turns out you’ve not been living there long… the chances are that you are not going to wander round the back streets expecting to find those quiet, cool hang-outs (that the locals go to) coz there is so much to see and do on the main streets.

and you wander into The Wood Store Brighton

and they have a stool for 18 quid…

WOT?! and you can’t resist it coz it’s the perfect height

and without it, you haven’t got a chair for your table

and you know that further down the line, you will figure out the other stools that you will need, if you ever decide to invite your friends round for dinner again… and next time they won’t be sitting on cushions on the floor and a bath mat 🙂 happy to have the opportunity to practise their yoga (god i love my friends – or rather they must love me).

so yes…

it’s been four months…

since i moved to Brighton…

and finally…

i am starting to feel…

that my home

is coming together.

Oh! did i mention that the table was a Hungarian baker’s table, so the patina is the result of eons of batches of bakers’ dough being rolled out across the zinc… no don’t get any ideas, i’m not getting inspired and and i won’t be inviting everybody over for dinner… coz… as if you’ve forgotten already i’ve only got one stool… oh yeh! bring your own… no… i’m still not baking 🙂 i don’t bake, does she bake… no i don’t.

Cloud 9 does tho’


Rainbow cake

best go there! coz you know how us locals hate to share our best secrets with all those out of townie day-trippers 🙂 hey d.j. cue music.