Sometimes… the best action is no action,

no re-action, no thoughts, no response, no need.


Time… as we all know really, is the great healer.
Let them, let them run around doing busy,

and wait, just wait patiently, until thoughts have been gathered,

avenues considered, contemplations reassessed;
and then re-engage.


act from a place of knowing, be sure, be confident, without doubt and hesitation. Strike, as ‘they’ say, while the iron is hot.

No, not strike as in refuse, resist, repress;

strike as in go forward.

Stride forward.

It’s about taking the past,

moving on,

bringing it forward,

until knowing it, loving it,

we can accept it into our present where it’s familiarity is comforting.

This integrated self,

does not need courage, it is healed.

It is whole, it is new and by its own nature, courageous.

From this point, forward is complete.