Saved by Tobias Ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater… because you Light Me Up :)

Saved by the double base 😉 You to me are everything the sweetest strum that I could have heard that evening.

Before we start out, please allow me to make my apologies.
Michael Clark … I am sorry.
I am sorry that I grew up at the stage door of Covent Garden.
I am sorry that my Great Uncle Nat was the stage door manager.
I am sorry that I was regularly treated to free seats at the traditional ballet and extravagant operatic performances.
I am sorry that meeting prima ballerinas was a norm for the evening and I sorry that I got used to the fabulous ice cream.
I fully understand that provincial theatres do not provide royal boxes and that the economics of things these days most likely requires the scaling down of performance.
I thought your dancers were beautiful and that their multicoloured leotard quick changes were the acts of revolutionaries.
And thank you, thank you, thank god for Jarvis Cocker, because, frankly without his pre-recorded performance at the end of the evening at The Dome, the event would have been entirely pointless.
(I am not making any friends here am I).

To my friend Rosemary, it’s not very often that I disagree with you, but on this occasion I utterly disagree with you and no longer do I wish to attend a contemporary dance performance by Michael Clark Company.
Although, I am sure that back in the day when Leigh Bowery was involved with their costumes the dancers would have been suitably restricted to make their movements quite interesting.

Judging by the applause and the foot stamping at the end of the evening, I appreciate that I was one of the few that wished I’d stayed at home.
I know that art is meant to provoke and it did, it provoked me to such a state of astounded boredom and disappointment that I regretted buying a ticket and leaving the house to collect it.
I know that I was not alone in my feeling because I heard the girl behind me say “…but I liked it at the end, it was; cool”. Again, I think we can thank Jarvis.
I know I sound arrogant and for this too I apologise. Frankly, I blame my friend Andy (Head Viola at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden) for encouraging me to return to what is these days the state of the art on Floral Street. Thank you for inviting me to watch all those extraordinarily mind-blowing fabulous visual and sound extravaganzas, post renovation of the Royal Opera House. You Andy, have spoiled me.

But dear readers, do not despair 😉 for I after all live in Brighton and that means that on my way home I stroll past a significant number of pubs providing a wide variety of entertainment (I am not that into the football).
On this occasion, I was blessed, nay summoned by the strumming of a double bass at “The Greys”. Lukas Drinkwater was at the bass and harmonising with Tobias Ben Jacob’s soul full voice and his guitar. Deep joy, my evening was salvaged by a publican with great kudos and two singing musicians. It had been worth going out after all 🙂