A Eulogy to my friend Little John

nope he wasn’t so little, he was large.

John Marilyn

Large in belief, large with encouragement and massive with support.
I couldn’t have done it without you.

Be free my friend, you made my heart feel so strong, when I felt so weak.
You gave me the strength to go forward. You believed in me. You encouraged me, when I thought that I could not do it.
And we did it, together. Jobs that I didn’t know that I could take on, we took them on, we smashed them. Commercials (remember those old walls in that Boxing Club), that mural in Mare Street, the Laura Ashley shop interior in Nottingham, the Whitbread H.Q., that massive jigsaw for Capital Radio, the ad campaign for Malibu?

John Boxing

And those portraits, sprayed genius, not for me, but for love.

Always so positive and upbeat.

I’d not even met him, when Rosie said to me, “don’t worry Nik, John can help you, you can do it!”
“John, who’s John?” I said!
I had never imagined that I would feel so safe in the hands of someone so reckless! Oh my, the biking antics, the willies and boobs stuck all over his cycle and the stories of the hells angels and their tattoos and the stench from his armpits, god damn it… you never did use that anti-deodorant that I bought you did you, next time, eh? 🙂

John and David

You ragbag, I love you.
May that blazing light, shine on in our hearts forevermore.
Too good for this world.