“Make it Happen”.

it's all about us

it’s all about us

This is about learning to speak out.
This is about getting your voice heard.
This is about getting over the fear, being you
and doing what you love,
doing what you believe in
and following your dream.

O.k. it’s true, you do have to find your dream in the first place. I don’t deny that. But deep down in every one of us is a voice, a quiet whisper that gives us our direction, our purpose. I’ve spoken about this stuff before and it seems that not everyone knows what I am on about. In fact, it seems to me that there is never enough talking about ‘knowing’ that ‘inner knowing’, it’s not a closely guarded secret, it’s the inner radar, one’s personal guide through life. It is a basic human instinct really, it’s that step by step process that leads us all to our own destinies, from the very first moments of our new born state. Breathe, listen, open eyes, feed, sleep, seek. As we grow up it is that innate process to reach out for love and comfort. Yes, it is true, even in the early days we start to learn self reliance, self sating, often that if we cry, mum (or whoever) will not come and ultimately self-discipline. All through life we learn that we have to make decisions. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to be involved with our parents (or whoever) in the choices for our education, which school to go to, which exam programs to follow; but all too often I hear adults say that they were not lucky enough to have had those opportunities. Various factors act upon us, the system and our postcode dictates which school to attend or which subjects to study, following through to the necessity to pay our bills to keep rooves over our heads. In their wake are left, regrets and resentments, frustrated souls that feel that they were never able to follow their true path and fulfil their destiny.

But then came International Woman’s Day and I went down to The Brighton Dome Cafe Bar to investigate the free talks, performances and workshops going on down there. I was drawn to Sam Ferree’s “Speaking with Impact” workshop. I snuck in at the back, I am not very good with these things. I can trace it all back to a school moment when I was struck dumb with stage fright having learnt all my lines religiously. That day has had a huge impact on my life and I know that there are many great singers that suffer tremendous nervous sickness before they step out on stage at Carnegie Hall for example. Whereas others don’t seem to bat an eyelid at the opportunity to speak publicly. I watch with amazement all those people who perform on stage, or deliver flawless wedding speeches or the politicians who advocate their beliefs with phenomenal lucidity.

So this is interesting, I thought I would be writing today to tell you about how Caroline Lucas (Green party) was as usual utterly wonderful and inspirational (and she was), or how … Jodie Violet’s sewing machine dub beat performance was stimulating in oh so many ways (and it was), or how empowering Gesmay Paynter’s talk on her book “Sharing Bananas” was. But no… this is about… well before the weekend I would have said ‘me, me, me’ but today I am going to say ‘us, us, us’.

The us that is bowled over by fear at the idea of having to do a speech to a room full of people, the us that has not had thespian training and doesn’t know how to project as a matter of course.

So there was I, tucked into the corner at the back of the room, by the door. Watching a circle of women practising their “pe, te, ge”‘s and humming and tapping and walking all around. When that quiet little voice in me started to join in! I couldn’t have been more surprised 🙂
There I was warming up my vocal chords with the best of them, when Sam invited me to join in. I was due to be in the foyer to meet my new friend in fifteen minutes and politely declined. We carried on, I got a text saying she was running late and by the time we had got to the “my, my, my, name, name, name, is, is, is” bit, I found myself edging closer to the circle. The fact is that I felt really rather overwhelmed, the gentleness of the welcoming women had drawn tears to my eyes. However the emotional moment soon passed and I was able to stand firm and sing at first in unison and then solo “my name is Niki”. Well now, there’s a first! The most amazing thing, was that my voice was strong, at the time I had no idea where it came from. Upon reflection, I thank the Mauri, for that magical late night group singing at Nev’s wedding way back. 🙂
We were all encouraged to engage our own rhythms, to call to mind our dreams and amazingly harmoniously sing “make, it, happen”. We sounded like a choir!

So yes, it is about, inspiring and supporting eachother, it is about encouraging each soul to reach down deep inside oneself to find one’s own true voice and in that there is no argy bargy, because we are all different, unique, we all have diverse skills and we don’t all need to be able to do everything. We can help eachother, be together and in all of this work as one, towards a better world.

Funny, this writing stuff, it never comes out as planned!
Bit like life really 😉

p.s. thank you to Amy and Mark for encouraging me to write, right, rite.
p.p.s. to Lucy (peacecrafting.wordpress.com), thank you for telling me not to worry about my grammar 🙂