Oh my… A 1000 words…

…as often as possible… if i want to be a writer. Seriously?! How many times have I heard it said?! Over and over, first this one and then that… there simply is no avoiding it and who on earth is going to want to read a thousand words of my inane drivel?!
“Write about anything and anyone” he said… well what do I know? Not much, that’s what. So I apologise to anyone and everyone who has kindly supported my brief explosions of gobbledegook and beg your forgiveness for this bleak departure into extensive nonsense as I try to stretch out what would otherwise be a short, sharp and to the point comment usually restricted to as few words as I can possibly manage in my endeavour to be succinct!
But no, apparently, if I want to be a writer… I need to waffle on about some sort of something, that I know very little about. Now if you were actually one of my friend friends, then you would know that in conversation I can ramble on relentlessly about completely innocuous nothings… god bless my friends, honestly I don’t know how they do it. Clearly I have gone out of my way to choose companions that are very, no extremely patient 😉 Fact is that following my degree and a thorough overdose of all things literary, I developed a very serious aversion to reading books. Post B.A. survival, all I could manage was a quick flick through a periodical, preoccupied at best, for a few moments, by a picture perhaps. Then fortunately suddenly it seems the whole world appeared to echo my own dilemma and developed what appears to be the attention span of a flee. You know what I mean, the planet has been edited to within an inch of its sound bite and a nano of its strap line.
309 words.
Can I stop now, for a minute or six, make a cup of tea and gather my thoughts in order to consider the next assault upon my own direction and momentum?
I love words, I have always, written, thought, watched, drawn, sketched, painted, danced; without these things I wouldn’t have half a clue as to who I actually am!
Shocking really as my C.V. is ram-jam full of stuff; I didn’t stop for years, one intense job after another, oh and then there was that house, oh my god, that house, the one that subsided not once but twice, that had holes in the windows and cracks wide enough to see through the walls. O.k. so it’s not true… the idea that I know nothing… I think Socrates is responsible for that one, truth is I know me.
I know me better than anyone else knows me, or thinks that they know me, because guess what, I have spent more time with me than anyone else that I know!
I also know all about all the things that I have done, seen, experienced, travelled to, lost, found, rediscovered. People… I know people, lots and lots of people and their stories, their loves, their losses, their adventures. I know about property, buying and selling, art, antiques, film making, oh and then there are my opinions, my stance on how I view the world. So yes, if truth be known I know lots and lots of things, much of which sadly, I cannot speak, for fear of reprisal as the result of signing far too many non-disclosure agreements, as a result of working for famous people; and who can blame them? It’s called discretion and knowing when to speak and when to be silent… mostly, I am silent, but for the moment having been rallied into expressing my self to those other than my closest, what do I know best?! Me! So perhaps that is why I am starting my first in a very long time… thousand words with the subject I know best!
I can do this all night! I can expound my theories, my conjecture and assumption and hypothesise until the cows come home and for now, I am. Just for the sake of words. In due course of course I am going to have to start writing properly, properly about things without repeating myself too many times or hesitating for too long. Hold on! That’s a game! Oh I see, yes that’s good, a good game! Yes, no more repetition or hesitation… time to put the kettle on 😉
Oh, and my new life, my new house, my new boyfriend and my new job. Yes, it is possible, the change everything philosophy… I think generally referred to as mid life crisis. So here I am, newly living in sunny Brighton, U.K. (a nod to my American buddies in particular, without whom I would not still be here, on WordPress, doing this).
What else do I want to say about all this? I want to say, that anyone can do it, if I can. It just comes down to having had enough; enough of being in the same city for twenty odd (very odd years) and being willing to chuck it all up into the air and say ‘it’s time for a change’. I am not for a minute suggesting that anyone should do what I have done and certainly not in the way that I have done it… but I can say, it is possible!
Doctors today, lots and lots of doctors in conference, at work today and a castle,
a very large, very old castle, in Arundel. One of the most beautiful, joyful, through-the-countryside-and-along-the-coast journeys to work that I have ever made.