for the sake of words

Wild Life ;)

Wild Life πŸ˜‰

ok, maybe it’s time to write…
or just type
to just type for the sake of typing
to think
to ponder
to procrastinate
to see
on a blank page
we are all creative
we are all devine
somewhere in here is a song and a rhyme
thoughts jumping in.. push them aside
time to rest,
simply abide
inside my home
my sweet soft heart
gently unfurling
a whole new start
fearlessly facing the great void within
endlessly searching
not knowing where to begin πŸ˜‰
staring into space
the great unseparated devine
connecting across the ether
delicate entwine.
i am searching for something
all new and clean
slowly enticing
remains to be seen.
i think i have found it,
the centre of self,
no need to fear
just balancing wealth.
joy to behold the innocence revealed
nothing is hiding all unsealed.
follow the thred,
things become clear
spring to the surface
the deeds i hold deer.


for Amy.