Is it better to be right or to be credible?

🙂 genius


When I was younger I remember being right about a lot of things. I remember anxiously trying to articulate my thoughts in a way that adults would understand. However, it is common that when you are a child who can barely reach the counter no one will listen to you. Who knows? Maybe I was babbling wisdom that only made sense in the confines of my mind. Maybe I wasn’t babbling any wisdom at all. However, I do remember moments where I was undoubtedly right and yet not only did my voice go unheard, but I was also told that I was wrong.  I am not referring to philosophy, I am talking about facts. For example, if I were to explain that, when mixed together, the colors blue and yellow make green someone, would oppose me.  It is normal that someone would disagree. People disagree with facts all the time…

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