when enlightening strikes

when enlightening strikes

That moment, when suddenly, unexpectedly, uncontrollably, like an enlightening bolt;

we relive, a moment, we would rather not.

BOOM! out of the subconscious, that unresolved, unknown, unexplored,

terrifying moment, lives again.

What a to-do.

What to do, where to go? Where to hide? Where to run?


That’s where.

Where the heart is.

Return, as quickly as reasonably possible, to that soft, warm, safe place inside.

Deep in the very heart of us.

It will never fail us. It will not leave us, it is there, always, patiently waiting;

for our inevitable return, back to the source, back to the harmony, the melody,

the song, the dance, the peace, the joy, the true essence of life force itself.

NB, via the LIGHT squadron 😉