Spin it on it’s head!

Order out of Chaos 🙂



“It’s a funny ol’ thing, life”,

(as Michael Parkinson said to my friend Simon Cauty).

It takes time to know, to understand, to see.

Everything happens for a reason.


Forgive yourself, no-one is perfect 🙂

Take the good (there’s lots of it), leave the bad outside.

Let the wind blow away the cobwebs

and in time we can heal the hurts and reveal the purpose.

We can see the extraordinary meticulous brilliance of all that we have endured

and why.

Don’t doubt the process.

Accept it, bit by bit.


Spin it.

Have faith in the essence of life.

Bravely step forward.

If it knocks you down,

get up.

FEEL the embrace of a 1000 loving arms.