Carlo used to call it…

… “Poverty Consciousness”.


He would constantly remind me to be aware of when i was thinking in a way
that led me to believe/and manifest situations where i felt that i did not have enough…

enough love, enough confidence, enough money.

And the answer:    ABUNDANCE

And the definition: What you need, when you need it.

As usual it is still all about:

BEING, in the moment.

Believe in the Universe (you can’t see it! but it is out there),
in the infinite possibilities and outcomes.

Why is it that i look for the worst case scenario?
To find the base line.
To face my own worst fears.
So that we can over come that which scares us the most.

And you know what?
Funnily enough…
we can do it.
we do have enough.
we will be alright.

Look around you, in the moment….
Are you ok?