So What….

Inner Life of a Tree by Owen Kaluza

Inner Life of a Tree by Owen Kaluza


….’s it all about?


Time, patience, belief, faith, confidence…. being brave.

We all know that some days it seems as if the world is
collapsing, in, on top of us

And some, the days seem to just float by,
as if bound up in some inevitable sort of bubble
out of our control and yet beautiful.

Always striving to seek something beyond, something just out of our reach,
grasping for that unknowable secret, the revelation.

That single moment, when all of the pieces of the puzzle, are complete.

And yet, in all that, we forget, that the joy is contained in the certainty,
the purity, the trust, the single perfect moment, when in gratitude, we can receive
the divinity, the peace, that ever lasting and inevitable perfection
when all that is binds us to itself and carries us forward
as is travelling upon a moonbeam or a ray of light that guides
and nutures
into a single moment when everything
unfolds in the most exquisite fashion.

We cannot see, we cannot know, we are blind to what lies ahead,
to the changes and the evolution.
Seek not… we will find, we will know, we will see.
The inevitability, the perfection of all that is,
of all that is ours, of all that cannot be denied to us.

Take heart, take light, take the knowing, it is ours,
the harvest shall be reaped. The devine will be seen, will be known.

For all that is, is, in control of it all.
Fear not, for fear is not ours, fear does not strive,
it is a passion, it is a phoney, an imperfection, an anomaly
that does not belong to existence.
It will be found, it will be released, it will be.. overcome.