Learning…. isn’t Leaning


It’s about growing.
Stronger, surer, purer, better.

Great teachers are patient, tolerant, understanding,
they remember what it was like to struggle with a circumstance;
the frustration each time we fail and have to get up again.
They are examples of what we strive for, inspirational,
they have lived it, they know!

Great teachers can also be harsh, intolerant, aggressive, rigid;
anyone given the opportunity can be our teacher,
often they do not realise what they have signed up for 😉
With these cases, when we finally overcome the struggles,
we can ‘go back’ and thank them (if we choose!).

In time they can help us know what it is that we don’t want,
thereby eliminating the possibilities.
From the outside, family, friends, associates can share their perspective;
all to be considered, but ultimately the decisions we make are ours alone.

Life skills, self skills, general management, it’s all the same.

It cannot be studied in books because although each one of us
is essentially the same, everyone of us is different;
with our own path and own process.
We must live it, that’s the point, that’s what we are here for 🙂