It’s Amazing….


goats don’t doubt that they can balance 😉

I can’t even begin to tell you just how many people

will tell you it’s easy; when you know it’s not

I can’t even begin to list out, the people that have told me…
not to do something and then given me alot of reasons for that

it’s not that they don’t love me… they do…
alright it might have taken years to figure it out… but they do,
and frankly given their presentation, i’m not surprised 😉

we all know that ‘everybody’ is doing it… or does it
whatever ‘it’ happens to be

in my opinion most things worth doing, or having, or achieving
are quite difficult… 😉
these things take time and alot of patience 🙂
most times we set out with an idea
and that’s all we’ve got
we don’t know how… coz we’ve never done it before
and bless all those cherished souls that regardless of
whether they’ve done it before on not, encourage us, believe in us
and support us when things are not clear
without them, where would we be?!

but bless, the others too… their job is to make us think…
coz when there is something deep inside of us
that just won’t go away
it’s that that drives us forward, propelling us towards that which is truly ours.
onwards and upwards 😉

happy full moon in Capricorn 🙂