All quiet on the western front!…

… or is it?


No really of course,
it’s total chaos as usual 😉

But it seems to me, through all the confusion,
all the chaos and tantrums and trauma,

underneath….. lies… well I am not sure yet,
it’s too soon to say/know/be certain… !

Now this is unusual for me,
coz usually… I’m coming from the opposite perspective.
You know, that swan stuff, grace above,
feet going like the clappers below the surface.

But, for now….
I am really starting to think that we may have
turned a corner/flipped a page.

I guess what I am talking about is change,
I feel it in my self, I can see it outside of myself,
no significant evidence as yet… but I am suspicious… 😉
Something feels different.
Maybe, because we have all been trying so hard for so long,
that inadvertently, together… we have, let go.