What Exactly did we Sign Up For?!


Can you remember…

that far back




on this planet,

torn from the womb

burst into the light.

What did you sign up for?!

What was the agreement,

what was the deal?

What is your reason

to BE here.

Do I know?

No? time is the greatest story teller, the revealer of all.

But for now,

I know,

it was to write, right, rite 😉

Don’t stop doing what you keep doing, maybe 🙂

Keep doing what you keep doing,

until you need do it no more, or

you get so good at it that everybody else wants you to keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

Got to have a solid foundation, it’s like building a house,

lay the foundations, good and strong.

No point in going out there all fired up without your roots in place.

Face yourself, find your fears…. and overcome them,

‘anything is possible’.

My story?

How did I get here?

Who’s interested in that!

What matters, now, is that I am here 😉