What’s for You WILL NOT pass you by!

“Have faith”, she said,
all will be well.

In this harsh world of ours,
there are times when
you could think
that the whole world is out to get you 🙂

But take heart, just when you think,
life isn’t worth living 😉
the lifeforce has a knack of throwing you a life line.

First up – Reach In.
Believe in YOU.

There ARE good people out there,
reach out…
this planet IS a beautiful place.

I know over and over and over again,
it hits you
and take your rightful position on this sphere.
Each one of us is essential to the whole.

There are good people out there
that you can trust
and start with yourself
every time!

Hey, in my case I get it right
hardly any of the time 😉
but I guess what it really all comes back down to is:
GET UP, stand up 😉
You know who said it best….