We all feel it sometimes!

It’s a funny thing… being a ‘creative’…
– don’t get me wrong, I can do the 9-5 thing
(thanks Dolly)
(alright these days it’s 9-6 really isn’t it)
all-day-long, over and over and over,
years and years and years (if we’re lucky)…
and to be honest with you…
it’s a bit like going to school everyday 😉
nice… no real need to think about anything…
(other than work)
it’s a routine… NOTHING wrong with that.

But… when I take time off… oh my god!
It does not stop, starts with “lazy”
(my local ex-chemist said that to me!)
obviously I was looking unusually ‘rested’,
moves on to my best mate who’s basically telling me to
‘get a life’
and ends up again, somewhere along the line,
back at “selfish” (my dad – gotta love ‘im)
and I do. (Just as well!).
These days, I refer to ‘selfie’ 😉

Anyway… the point is…
Being a creative, I’m sorry guys, but that part of the job,
takes stamina… you gotta handle yourself 9-5 and get past the personal rubbish… before you can even begin to get to the really juicy stuff, now in my case that’s usually about 8p.m. and can run allll night!
I AM into mornings… I like watching the sun rise 😉

and by the way… spare a thought for all those night workers, you know the doctors and the nurses etc.
don’t get all shirty when you phone and wake ’em up…
it’s 2a.m. according to their schedule,
have a little respect.

So for all those poor maligned so-called ‘lazy’
creatives out there…
do me a favour… try it… try doing nothing!
It’s actually really, really hard,
I know it ‘looks like’ they’re doing nothing,
just lying there… daydreaming (who wrote that great blog about that recently?) trust me, actually getting to the mental state of thinking nothing… so you can get to that creative space… is not easy!
Go on… I dare you.
Try it sometime 🙂 Think nothing.
Now breathe. You’ve just walked right into heaven 🙂
now be thankful…
there, made you think
and as a friend of mine says “It’s not illegal, yet”.