When in Doubt do Nowt!

Just hang in there!

Just hang in there!

(Note to Self)
Best to not be in doubt in the first place:

But ‘when in doubt’…
Do something else, anything else!

Don’t push. Don’t worry (easy to say!).
Sometimes, (although it’s hard to believe),
when in a genuine state of patience
the answer will present itself.

In the meantime….
Do your homework around the subject.
Follow the mind path that created the circumstance;
each one of us is uniquely qualified to address it.

How best? is the question.

Certain mind paths are like labyrinths,
if you reach a dead end, turn around and retrace the steps.
Trust the process, learning each step of the way.

Be patient with yourself!
Eat right, sleep right.
I grant you, a full moon may not be very helpful!

Know that given time all things change, improve even.
Everything in moderation, means exactly that,
if usually you function with high energy, take a breather.

Each of us have our own internal directional voice,
we just need to quieten down all the chatter
and listen to ourselves!