Elegy of a Hero

Rachel Carrera, Novelist

As we end National Poetry Month, I noticed that in last week’s Throwback Thursday, I shared an old poem I wrote for my Grandma nearly twenty years ago. But sadly, I never wrote one for my Granddaddy when he was alive.  As you know, my grandparents raised me from the time I was born, so he was the only dad I ever knew.  So today, I will honor him with a verse…

Requiem for My Granddaddy
By: Rachel Carrera

If a girl had a grandfather
That couldn’t be beat,
It had to be
My Granddaddy Pete.

When he was young, he
Ran like a crackerjack;
So, when he started high school,
He took up track.

He ran very fast;
Swifter than any other;
The only one to catch him
Was my grandmother.

Later, he enlisted;
He joined the Air Force;
He wanted to fly,
So, it was a logical course.

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