Get off ur Horse… And drink ur Milk!

i can't stand it... alcohol :) (it's an old tune)

“i can’t stand it… alcohol” 🙂 (it’s an old tune)


“You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”

in my experience, it doesn’t take much for most of us to drink…
it’s the water we seem to have the problem with!

or milk, or oj, how about a smoothie, no?
what about a yoga class, don’t all those half naked bodies entice you?!

Now here in London, all that pre-vo(l)ting T.V. stuff
is trying to sell us the same old…

i.e.. that binge drinking is no longer an issue,
and crime rates have gone down,
all as a result of alcohol becoming more expensive?!

just coz a few nice coppers/bar-owners pop up on the local programmer
saying “oh yes, it’s such a nice sociable area to drink in, the last 2 years”

Do they really think that we are that gullible?
I know they do… but we’re not.

Anyone for a carrot juice?