Who’s looking for EGO?

:) get it gone!

🙂 get it gone!

I am!
Having added the tag “EGO”, finder says:
“sorry there are no posts on this tag”

i mean who’s gonna tag their own blog as EGO…
how arrogant/ignoRANT you might say!

tried again, not as a tag…”EGO” and hey presto…
but it got me thinking, yeah, dangerous i know!

ego, mine, it sneakily creeps around me,
got to find it, control it, lock it down, stop it from going forth,

knock it out in the self,
before my bony pointing finger causes three to come back at me

they say “do as you would be done by”, stop pointing
take a good look at myself, cut out the distractions

we are ‘electrical’ beings, constant transmitters,
go with the flow, be true to oneself, trust the lifeforce

there’s only so much conflict that the world can take
and after all, wouldn’t we all much rather be peace-full?