We in Glass Houses… Best play softball ;)

my foxy friend likes eggs too :)

my foxy friend likes eggs too 🙂

So howsit going everybody?!

Eggs painted, trails laid out, bunnies iced?
Just before we hit the GO button, I’m taking a deep breath 🙂

it’s family time again and I know that it can be oh so
deep joy and abundance, but frankly we are not all The Waltons/Brady Bunch
and generally regular routines, school terms, working months, fixed schedules and deadlines to meet
are more common than the ‘freedom’ that comes with holidays 😉

I am taking a deep breath, avoiding confrontation (saving that for the business hurdles next week!),
relaxing, going with the flow, everything will be alright,
find a quiet corner and get out the softball 😉
It’s time for our old friends 🙂 too