No New(s) is Good New(s)

not so much a chick as a mallard!

more mallard than chick(en) 😉 happy easter 🙂



Does it always have to be EXCITING, all of the time, does it always need to be 300 miles an hour 24/7?!
sometimes, the best way to get things done is… to let it rest.

I’m not saying don’t be a go-getter,
I’m not saying rest on your laurels,
but sometimes, just sometimes….

Patience rather than agitation 🙂
Peace rather than resistance
Breathe out.

Let it go
Flush out the old
Bring in the new.

Forward, onward, like the proverbial Christian soldiers.
It is Spring after all (well it is on this side of the planet!).
It will come.

In fact, push too hard and it’ll throw out the balance.

What is yours cannot be taken away, except your sanity and that is your responsibility!
So get out of the way of yourself and sometimes don’t push, don’t ‘drive-em-mad’, drop the frustration,
get focused and WAIT!
It’s nearly Easter, happy holidays everyONE 😉