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Oh so Majestic

Oh so Majestic

So back I went, the swans were a-calling and the ducks;
just strolling and snapping (pics).

There they were, these great big birds and a girl with the same name as me.

“Feed the females” she said pointing, “the ducks, the males rape them, they leave the nest to feed
and gangs of young males swarm them, push their heads under the water and drown them”.

WOT? my life… and this is how it goes, can’t I ever just go out for a quiet stroll?
No, apparently not!
Just when I think I can hang out under cover, wham bam I get hit again 😉

Fascinating, this woman is one of those brave souls who cannot just let the world get on with it;
nope she’s frontline, war zone photographer, journalist out in the field;
she’s seen it, she’s done it and she ain’t gonna stop there!

As Edmund Burke said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good (wo)men do nothing.”.