Well that was fun! What’s Next?



A walk in the park and a big goose, with pink feet and a pink nose 🙂

She’s very pretty, I called her Esmeralda, coz it appeared to suit her

and she didn’t seem to mind 😉

I like birds (the winged type!).

Imagine just how many thousands of miles my new friend has flown
to be with me today and yet here she is calm, alert and ready
for action any time she chooses!

This creature knows freedom.

I’ve given up working… I had enough, it’s bloody warfare out there!
And I’ve been doing it too long, too hard, too mad.

It’s time for a rest, time for me. Time to have a think and get to grips with
where I am really at; what I really want and where I am really going.
Oh and to clear out the loft.

Do you know that in Australia, there’s a deal, work for nine years and get a year off. Now that sounds like a jolly good idea to me and I’ve been working for eleven years now. No stopping, few holidays and a flat to do up whilst I’m in the process. omg, it’s time for a break.

Now I fully appreciate that lots of people deal with that sort of senario and a lot more besides; but, life is for living, not just working, so I am taking the time to say ‘heck no’, to be able to take a walk in the park when it’s a sunny day and that doesn’t happen very often either!

Today, if the sun shines I shall talk to the swans 😉 Publish.