London: Year of the Horse!

something always shines on a grey day :)

something always shines on a grey day 🙂


Neigh 😉

Yes, it is and I can hardly believe it myself!
My intention to ‘write’ (er…blog) is a simple and nagging progression
of the need to express/discover oneself through any creative medium
bang a drum 🙂 shake a rattle, try it!

And as I was saying…
it’s something that I have always promised myself to do.
It’s in me, a natural appreciation (once I got over the terror)
of the beauty of words, language(s) and communication.

Do I believe that I actually have something to say?
Do I believe that anyone would actually WANT to read it?!
Don’t people have busy lives, full of family and problems and bills to pay
and children to pick up/take out, feed, look after, buy shoes for;
and all that before they even think about their jobs, where to get the next one, where to live, what to do,            who they are, where they come from, where they are going with their lives? 🙂

or on holiday?! Who to vote for? er Who should I vote for? Should I vote?!
(there you go that capital ‘I’ was for you mum)
What to eat? Where it comes from?
Whether there is going to be a planet in 15 years time,
after they’ve chopped all the trees down and realised
that we can’t eat money (credit to the Hopi for that one)
and does money really exist anyway?

I am told that we need to do it (blog) these days to ‘get a job’
and frankly that thought is terrifying!
Nope, it’s not enough anymore to produce a top notch C.V.,
know how to type (thank you spellcheck – who created that one?!),
get your grammar right, speed talk, speed read,
understand all the nouveau abbreviations etc.;
even the wants us to be
tweeting and twirking and jumping through hoops 🙂 o m g.
So please don’t be horrified when I ‘American-stylee’ start a
sentence with a capital ‘A’ for And.
or i chop a sentence into two
there is a purpose and as you get to know me,
I hope that you will get (I mean understand, you know) my need to control

I do know my grammar, I do know how to spell,
it’s just that sometimes… I like to break the rules 😉
It’s fun, it’s free (I know that’s debatable)
and it doesn’t mean that my words aren’t worth reading,
and I am asking you to be a little open minded, please.
btw that comma after that ‘reading’ and before ‘and’ is there for a purpose,
to make you hesitate , just, for, a, moment
– in breath! Now! thanks

Okay this is going fairly well so far I think 🙂
I haven’t slagged anybody off yet and as far as ranting goes,
I’m probably within the realms of not being in too much RAGE 🙂
Not yet
(not angry of London).

But language is great and the progression of learning grammar and how to spell
and how to express ones’ feelings, thoughts, self
is mind blowing

Learning to type was brilliant (a slow process! in my case – I know, the kids seem to be born with keyboards attached to their fingers, but can they understand the beauty of a HB/2B-no verse thank you/4B-no rhyming thank you?).
It’s like painting a picture, you start with a blank canvas and just look…
you start to see things, patterns emerging and the pencil has something to follow.
Freedom. It’s exciting, no one to tell you what is right or wrong, coz, it doesn’t matter… you just go with it
and you lose yourself, you stop thinking
you stop worrying
you are in a state of trust
you start to just BE.

I have many stories to tell and in time, whether anybody cares or not,
er… is interested or not doesn’t matter.
I am doing it because I can. Because I have always wanted to. Because, I trust. Because I am lucky, because I have a computer, I have ten fingers and eyes and a body to set me free.
And yes, I HAVE made the time, finally.
because for the moment, everything else is done
and thank you WORDPRESS for making it possible.

I will tell stories:
the film industry, the hospitality business, the auction game and more.
Yeh Mum! the truth IS stranger than fiction.
I will talk about my family, the loves, the hate, the rejoining.

United, Destroyed, Separated, Purified, Rejoined (thanks Margo).

I will repeat things that others have told me. And I will always do my best
to be truthful. Some of it I cannot prove, not yet, maybe never,
maybe I am wrong? 😉
Some people will despise what I have to say, but forgive me please
it’s only my perspective, and hey, chances are you’ll feel better.

Of course I run the risk of being SHOCKING and outrageous and stupid.
Exposing the reality of what really goes on in London’s ‘scene’.
The rings (I’ll explain later), the abuse, the lies, the deception,
and perhaps you will understand why I have put my flat on the market.

This is for the innocents.
This is for those that have been bullied and mistreated,
when all they want to do is give and grow and learn
and be appreciated for their essential involvement with something GREAT, togetherness.

How many more words have i got? Why is there no-one around to ask?!
Oh not to worry, I’ve got google… lol.

There. That will do… very soon I am just going to ‘push the button’
naughty but nice
(thanks Sugar Babes, perhaps once i get the hang of all this, i’ll insert the youtube link).

My washing is done now anyhow.

And YES, WordPress, please remind me to do this every week…

it’s good for my SOUL.
and thanks,
for ‘draft saved’
now how do I publish?